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Why now?

Fundraising for a startup today is much quicker and the terms are much fairer than they used to be. The proliferation of the YC SAFE, AngelList benchmarks, and blog posts have helped define what a fair deal looks like.

Entrepreneurial researchers and students at universities who form spinouts aimed at commercialising their inventions are not so fortunate . There is no openly accessible database of key spinout deal terms per university. This creates an information asymmetry between founders and universities during negotiations, which leads to uniformly poor outcomes for founders across the globe. is an effort to crowdsource and openly publish spinout deal terms across every university. Similar to how Glassdoor and shed light on company culture and fair compensation, seeks to shed light on deal terms to catalyse a re-write of the spinout playbook in favor of future founders.

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Instead of benefiting from institutional support, researchers attempting to start a company find themselves mired in bureaucracy. Negotiations over intellectual property rights with university technology transfer offices, or TTOs, can be one-way, opaque and often adversarial.

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